Know Your Options

Hello. It’s me.


Yes, I’m corked off.

Here’s the 411. Dad unilaterally decides that today is BATH DAY. Have you ever been put through one of these experience? You’re dumped into a tub of tepid water while Dad applies a disgusting mix of soap and fragrance to your fur. When the experience ends (and it’s a horribly long, virtually endless 300 seconds, #amirite?), Dad goes through the motions, drying the moisture on my fur by about 25%.

During a bath, I try to go to a special, private place way, WAY back in the recesses of my Beautiful Mind. It was there, in the recesses of my Beautiful Mind that I realized that I had options.

Option #1: Obediently leave the tub area and wait for the evaporative magic of the desert to dry me into a cleansed state.

Option #2: Remember that construction workers removed a support beam out of the back yard and replaced the travertine with sand … sand that will be replaced by travertine tomorrow.


I selected option #2.

Within 30 seconds of the end of my bath, I coated my entire body in a grainy melange of sand and dirt … materials that adhere to moist fur, if I may be so bold.

It’s so important that you know all of your options.

I only pre-thought one of my options, and that option came with consequences.

Dad introduced a new option to me … an option called the “Bonus Bath”. All of the delightful grains of sand were removed from my previously soapy fur.


This left me with few options.



4 thoughts on “Know Your Options

  1. Wow!!! I sure hope the second bath was with warm water—just think–Dad could have hosed you off with cold water. Maybe Dad could have dried you off with the hair dryer–would that have been Option #3? Think of more options next time.
    However–just think of how handsome you look and smell now. Auntie Janet


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