Christmas Is Coming …

Hello. It’s me!!


You know Christmas is right around the corner when you feel that familiar chill in the air. Brrrrrr. We topped out at a paltry 60 degrees today.

Sixty (60).

That’s a frosty day, #amirite?

With cold and drizzly conditions in the offing, I spent a lot of time inside. I didn’t do much to help trim the tree, but rest assured, my contributions did not go unnoticed.


Heck, Dad even did something he only did for one week last year … he turned the heat on today.

Of course, with Christmas coming and the heat on in the house … it’s time to think “big picture” …


5 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming …

  1. Ohhhhhh! Poor Dash! You are a good boy! I sure hope mom and dad don’t put one of those “santa hats” on your head.
    Santa comes on Christmas Eve when you are asleep–sooooo — keep on being good–You will be rewarded—no–you won’t get Pizza and creamy cake. Auntie Janet


  2. Yo Dash,

    “Veggie Bone”? Tell Santa that a little protein couldn’t hurt like a REAL bone from a beef or pork product. Dog cannot live by veggies alone! Mmmmm, protein.

    Don’t go sneaking any peeks at your presents until Christmas eve. “Who’s a good boy”!

    Only 18 days to wait. Hang in there.


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