What Am I Up To, You Ask?

Hello, it’s me!


I am one tired pup, and for good reason. It’s late summer here in the valley, and that means it’s time to go storm chasing!


The winds kick up, and the palm trees shed unwanted baggage.


I like to take a few minutes and make sure all of the trees are still sturdy following big blowers like the one we had last night.


That tree looks sturdy, #amirite?

But that’s not the best use of my time. I’ve been spending a ton of time on my new hot rod … are you ready for this?


Mom and Dad bought me a new hot rod … top speeds over 25mph, street legal, and it handles like a multi-million dollar Formula 1 racer.

I’d write to you more often, but it’s hard to take the time to do that when we’re out cruising, looking for bunnies and chipmunks!

6 thoughts on “What Am I Up To, You Ask?

  1. Yikes! Storms??? Have mom and dad put rocks into your “heat boots”? You know–so the wind doesn’t just pick you up and sail you through the air–scary thought.
    Sounds like you are becoming a hotrod guy. Such adventure!!! Hang in there Dash–we miss you–oh yah–mom and dad too.
    Auntie Janet


  2. Been missing you… Thanks for taking the time to tells us what you’ve been doin’… County Fair next week… know you’ll be missing those Zucchini races, and visit to the quilt barn, where everybody loves you so much… Hugs and skritches!


  3. Yo Dash,

    New wheels eh? Now you’ll be able to cruise the neighborhood checking out the eye candy #amirite. The docile gender of canines will be all a-twitter about who’s the stud in the chickmobile.
    Just be aware that those new “wheels” might attract a certain element that could only want you for your earthly delights and not for your ravishing personality. Being cool and aloof is advisable until the vehicular bedazzlement wears off. Then, offer ’em a carriage ride once around the block if ya know what we mean 🙂


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