Old School Farmin’

Hello! It’s me.


Dad says we need to take the RV out for a “test ride” to make sure that all of the computer codes suggesting horrific or even catastrophic failure have been cleared.

I’m in!


So we’re off and runnin’ … up to Mortimer Family Farms (click here). This is old-school farmin’, pups, a place where you just walk in and grab yourself a handful of frozen rib steaks and a dozen ears of corn and then swipe your credit card. It’s just that easy!


I mean, the place is filled with wonderment!


Yes, yes, they let pups come in to sample all that is good about nature, fake bunnies included.


They say that family farms are fun for those age two to ninety-two. I agree!


From there, we stopped at a local softball park to take part in our National Pastime … softball. All the pups love to take in a game, #amirite?


After tailgating for a while, I took a seat on Mom’s legs and watched the action.


Then some big thunder-bumpers approached …


I was relegated to viewing the final inning through the RV windshield.


You know, a bit of fam-time in the RV leaves me with a peaceful, easy feeling.


I’ll tell ya, I’m a big-time fan of old-school farmin’ … combine it with a bit of softball and you have the prescription for a fun day!


3 thoughts on “Old School Farmin’

  1. Yo Dash,

    Did we spy some “adult beverages” being in hand at the National Pastime game? Old school farmin’ always ends that way, eh. Glad y’all had a great day and didn’t get caught in those darn old summer “boomers”. By the by, did the “Rig” prove itself to be “worthy”? Ya jist never know when it might wind up in Wisconsin #amirite?


  2. Seems like all’s well down there… possibly except for the weather “events”… thunder and dust storms. Never a dull moment… not like here where it’s been steadily (unremittingly?) sunny 70’s for weeks on end. Miss you!


  3. The farm adventure sure sounds better than the dust storm adventure. You look like one happy pup. Dick and I are on the last 5 days of our 5 week camping trip. Home on Saturday. Auntie Janet


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