A Tip of the Hat

Hello – it’s me!!


That’s me looking to my right … amazed at what is about to happen.

You see, Dad’s been preachin’ about the importance of protecting his head from the damaging rays of El Sol … the sun. He keeps telling me that his once-thick-and-utterly-lush head of hair devolved into a sparse wasteland of stubble occasionally freshened by a lathering of Pert Shampoo. Dad tells me that to protect what is left (#notmuch) he needs to wear a hat.

Then you see him with a hat, and you say to yourself “well, hey, what would happen if my particularly soft head of fur vacated my portly frame?”

In other words, I began to ask for a hat.

My friend Amy came to the rescue … along with treats and toys she brought me a coveted hat. At first, I was stunned by the gesture.


Then I turned to show my appreciation to my dear friend … Amy.


I know, I’m a sharp-dressed man, #amirite?

These are divisive times … Nazi’s are running unfettered through the streets of college towns, Yacht Rock Radio on SiriusXM has too narrow a playlist, and the Chicago Bears still aren’t a very good football team. Amid all the gloom-and-doom, happiness is out there, waiting to be discovered … in the form of a hat.

So, a tip of the hat to my friend Amy, for making the world a better place.

9 thoughts on “A Tip of the Hat

  1. So awesome, little bro. You look totally awesome and stylish. Our half brother Baron has been visiting while his mom is in Great Britain (mom wishes she could have tagged along) and I am so glad to have someone to play with besides girls. Stay cool amigo.


  2. Dear Dash, I noticed that we didn’t get to see Dad in his hat?????? I love your hat—so debonair
    ( I looked it up in the dictionary–it means carefree, cheerful, self-assured–just like you–plus it is a French word–to show how sophisticated you are.) The addition of the glasses gives the entire ensemble (another French word) a fantastic look. I sure hope Wendy will recognize you. She will probably fall in love all over again–you lucky dog!!! Auntie Janet


  3. Now that awesome hat would have won “Best of Show” in our Fair today… no doubt about it. And if there were a competition for good lookin’ dogs wearing awesome hats, YOU would have won best in the whole dang fair!!!!!!!!!!


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