Hello! It’s me!


Sometimes you’re on the lookout for threats, and they aren’t real, and they aren’t perceived, and they aren’t rusted metals, and they aren’t chupacabras. They’re dusty messes blowing their way toward us.



So Dad turns on the local CBS affiliate to learn about the impending threat. And they’re pretty mellow about it. So Dad turns on the local FOX affiliate, and naturally, they’ve turned the threat level all they way up to 11, #amirite?


One of the FOX experts states that “it looks like Nuclear Winter is coming” … now let’s be honest, how many of us have sat on the sidelines and watched as a gentle Nuclear Winter blows in?


Dad calls Mom … Mom says “I can see it!”


Now the race is on … will Mom make it home safely? I crossed my toes (#itsasomewhatuncomfortablefeeling) and hoped for the best.


I could sense that Mom was getting close to being in the hood. Hopefully the dust didn’t get under the hood!


That’s tumbleweed blowing by, in case you were wondering!

I could hear Mom coming home through the through blow of the haboob.


She turned the corner and headed for the driveway.


Still, I didn’t trust that Mom would make it on her own. I told Dad, “Why not videotape her return, to prove that she makes it safely?” So he did just that … and Mom arrived as the storm peaked (visit the website to see it if the video doesn’t show up via email).

We watched as the storm matured …


… and then died as the sun set.


It almost seems like this stuff is gonna happen daily in the summer …

4 thoughts on “Hurry!

  1. I heard some people down there got a butt load of rain too. You gave up the Pacific Northwest for monsoons? Can’t wrap my fuzzy brain around that one, little bro. Anyway, glad everyone is safe. Heading to Canada in 10 days for a dog show. I don’t think they have monsoons or chupacabra up there so it should be good. Mom says they got weird money though.


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