Monsoon Season is Knocking on the Door

Hello, it’s me!!


At first I was terrified by the thought of Monsoon Season. And who could blame me? Sunday night, the phone starts blaring something about a dust storm.


I mean, anytime you get an alert on your phone requesting that you “Stay Alive” you have to at least be a little bit concerned, #amirite?

Turns out the dust storm was 60 miles south of us.

I have bigger concerns. See if you can find the hidden threat in this image …


We have big news … Mom and Dad ordered a Rebuilt Golf Cart!! Some dude tears down a used vehicle to the chassis, and then rebuilds it up from there. It should be here in early August. Until then, we have a loaner cart that I’m dashing all over the neighborhood in. Though as you can see, I’m not thrilled with 18mph top-speed cruising rates.


With the cart, I am offered additional opportunities to assess threats … this threat is perceived, for instance.


But this threat … this threat may be real, and may include another dust storm.


I guess the moral of the story is this … stay vigilant!

4 thoughts on “Monsoon Season is Knocking on the Door

  1. Monsoons?! Yikes!
    What amazing natural camouflage that lizard has. Glad that you are all settling in well and adjusting to your beautiful new residence!

    Still not sure that I have adjusted to your move…my car wanted to turn towards your old house last week. Do you know that it has been sunny, with no rain, since you left?! Yep..that was our last rain.


  2. Yo Dash,

    Ya gotta learn the lingo if yer gonna live in the desert. It’s “HABOOB” not dust storm.
    The biggest threat in the tree photo is that wicked looking nail sticking out on the left. That li’l ol’ “lizard” ain’t more’n a mouthful for any self respecting Badger Dog.

    Hope that y’all don’t get “monsooned” anytime “soon”.


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