Hello! It’s me.


He arrived, proclaiming … “I HAVE YOUR STUFF!”


Where are my toys? WHERE ARE MY TOYS?






I don’t see my toys. I DON’T SEE MY TOYS!

Mom says my toys are in boxes … somewhere. I retreat, dismayed.


And then, just when all hope seemed to be lost … I am told that box #83 possessed my toys!


I lose patience … WHERE ARE THEY? They should be here by now, #amirite?


And then … ahhhhhhh … toys!


There’s no better way to spend a 114 degree day than with toys … and a hundred nearly emptied boxes.



4 thoughts on “Unload!

  1. Over 100 boxes to unpack? Oh Lordy!! In over 100 degree weather? Oh dear, I need to go open my freezer and stand there for a few minutes. The delivery man looks like he’s holding a double-ended one-tined pitch fork. And he looks rather proud of that….like a Roman or Greek mythological guy. Thumbs-up.


  2. Oooooofda… I do not, NOT envy your mom and dad having to unpack and find places for the stuff in over 100 boxes, no I do NOT! Maybe dogs do have the good life, #amiright… ??? Anything fun happening on the 4th?


  3. Yo Dash,

    Good to see that you haven’t lost the knack of destroying those mean old “Badgers” (Dachs) that your breed is named for. Way to knock the stuffin’s out of those burrowing creatures or any other plaything that you come across. At the rate you’re going, better hope that box # 83 wasn’t the ONLY carton with toys in it #amirite. Sounds like all is right with the Hillstrom world once again.
    Enjoy your first 4th of July in AZ. Maybe it’ll cool down tonight so you can go out and watch local Fireworks. Although God only knows why any sane Arizonian would want to make it any HOTTER!


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