Heading South

Hello! It’s me!


If “up the tree to chase the squirrel” is heading south, then I am all for heading south.

So yesterday Mom says, “Come on little buddy, we’re headed south.” We leave our house … and then I sense that because movers were here the past two days taking our furniture and possessions I might be at risk of not revisiting my home again.

Mom says “no worries”.

We visit one of Mom’s friends. Let’s just say I wasn’t thrilled with my viewing angle.


Once I roused Mom and Friend out of the house, we were able to enjoy unusually nice summer weather.


Yup – these are warm days, #amirite?

Then we drive through Downtown Seattle, on our way to the hotel we were staying at.


We arrive.

I scream “Valet … Valet Anybody”?


I openly wonder whether this is a five-paw hotel, ’cause I’m not staying as some fleabag next to the K-Mart.

I sense this hotel meets my expectations … though I openly wonder what kind of pup is named “Marvin”? Maybe he is a Martian.


I suppose the high moment of the evening is when Mom went off to dinner and left me alone in the hotel room and I threw a fit and the staff at the hotel called Mom and told her to rescue me and Mom said “I’m eating dinner” and the staff said “well at least bring him down to spend time with us” and so Mom did that and I greeted new guests for an hour, give or take.

Pretty good stuff, eh? Credit goes to Aunt Sheila for the brilliant snaps.

Today we met Dad at the airport, and the family unit began our journey – we moved from the Pacific Northwest and we now head south toward our home in Arizona. We’re eating pico-guac chicken burgers in Central Oregon as we speak. Tomorrow it will be 100 degrees all up and down the West Coast – toasty weather for a drive south. Hopefully we will get to listen to some “Yacht Rock” on SiriusXm tomorrow – FM radio was sub-par today.

7 thoughts on “Heading South

  1. I cannot yet grasp the magnitude of your m-o-v-I-n-g….I am so happy for you and cannot wait to hear all about you new adventures in the desert southland. You take a bit of all of,our hearts with you..you are all amazingly gifted and left out island a better place for your time here …❤️


  2. Yo Dash,

    100 degrees eh? You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet. Just ask Aunt Amanda.

    Enjoy what’s left of your highway choked, smog surrounded journey thru La-La land. As it’s been said, the end will justify the means.Don’t forget to write from your new home in “Pebble Creek”, AZ.


  3. You will be missed–all of you. Sometimes people come back and visit ( which I hope you will) and sometimes they just forget us (which I hope you won’t). On to a new life in HOT Arizona. I saw a dog with those insulated booties on yesterday on the news–they were right blue—wrong color for you Dashie. Hope you got booties in a color way that complements your coat color.
    Stay safe and have fun in your new home. Auntie Janet ( sniff, sniff,)


  4. I’m so glad i got to hang with you and Dash thursday!! Safe travels, and agree with all the above–hard to comprehend that you have moved! Can’t wait to come visit–maybe not during this 120 stuff tho—i don’t have insulated booties 😉


  5. The Boswell would have had you to dinner Dash! Remember that next time you find yourself without a dinner date in Seattle! All the best to you all in your big adventure!


  6. Miss you already little bro. Psst, don’t tell your parents, but mom sent me to Oregon to “play” with this really cute girl named Kaylee. Not totally sure yet, but come late August, I’ll be passing out cigars. Can you believe it, I’m going to be a dad! Travel safe and come visit some time.


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