Please, After You!

Hello! It’s me.


A quick update … here’s the 411 on the events of today.

Issue #1:  We begin the day with a “low tire pressure” message. After Dad cussed like a drunken sailor for ten or fifteen minutes, a gas station attendant pointed Dad to a Les Schwab Tire center 1.1 miles down the road, where the problem was solved within a half-hour (hint – it was a nail). After getting back in the car, Mom asked Dad how he would behave in the future during stressful situations. I giggled – it’s fun to see Dad humbled, #amirite?

Issue #2: 600 miles later, we pull into Tulare, CA and visit a Best Western (#petfriendly). For some reason, Dad says, and I quote “We’re getting in the lobby before that other car, there might only be one room left.” Dad pulls into a parking spot, runs to the lobby door, and then mysteriously opens the door for the lady in the other car. She waltzes through the door. She asks if there are any rooms available. The staffer says “You are in luck, there is only one room left.” Dad looks at the staffer and says, “Seriously?” The staffer says “Yes.” Dad says “But I just held the door open for that woman.” The woman looks at the staffer and says “I’ll take the room.”

Now, we finally got a room – on our sixth try at a sixth hotel – and that was the last room in the inn as well.

So here is what Dad wants me to ask you.

Quiz Question:  What should Dad have done in this situation? What is a responsible Christian solution to this problem?

(a) Dad should have opened the door for the woman and let the chips fall where they may … even if it meant Dad didn’t get the last room at the hotel.

(b) Dad should have walked into the hotel first (rudely impeding the woman who should have received a gentlemanly introduction into the hotel and thereby received first dibs on the final available room) and taken the room in an effort to “provide” for his family (aka “me”).

(c) Dad should have opened the door for the woman and then after learning that there was only one room left Dad should have thrown a fit and acted like a baby in an effort to acquire the room for his family, much like he did earlier this morning when greeted with a flat tire.

(d) Dad and Mom should have split a six-pack of Schlitz and then slept overnight in the car.

Leave your choice in the comments section.

9 thoughts on “Please, After You!

  1. Gosh…heat, stress, being tired and driving to an essentially new state PLUS a d**n nail in a tire??? What a you worry? Things will get better fast. You all a little time to refresh the stress screen🌷Hugs to you all…


  2. (e) Count your blessings [1. Les Schwab was close to where the warning light came on; 2. chivalry, decency, and good manners are not dead in this country; and 3. you found a place, dog friendly of course, to stay for the night] before resorting to (d). Then get a good night’s sleep for a fresh start in the morning. Crossing eyes and all appendages for no more “issues” on this trip!

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  3. Isn’t dad lucky that there was a tire dealer so close–miracle Number 1? Your dad was a polite person–opening then door for the lady–but she wasn’t. She should have given up the room to him. BUT–you finally did find a room. This move seems a little stressful for you all. Let’s hope the rest of the trip is without problems. Hang in there Kevin, Dash and Tori!!!!! Auntie Janet


  4. Well, I would go for the beer, but, I want pizza with it. Then get religious and pray that the room the woman got was filled with bed bugs. Tee-hee.


  5. Hi, Dashie, Mom and Dad. Just go with the flow. It would have been nice if the woman offered to flip a coin over the room. I’m guessing that she does not have a dog, so she is not as well balaced and serene as a dog person. Poor her. Hugs to all three of you Dash family. Hugs!


  6. Glad you’re traveling safe. When we went to CA for a field trial awhile back, mom called the hotel on the cell and made a reservation from the car in Oregon – that way we had a room when we got there. BTW I vote for the beer. Mom had beer last night while we watched the Sounders (whatever they are) – she wouldn’t share. 😦


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