Hello! It’s me.


Well, I was floored by the news that we’re moving.

Yes. Moving.

To Arizona.

To the house we spent the spring in.

See, I got depressed. No Wendy. We came up north and I didn’t see here anywhere. I looked and looked … nothin’.

Dad and I had a chat. I asked, “How much more food would I have if we sold our house up north and moved down south?” Dad did the math and said “more than a thousand bags of kibble and several bags of crunchables (i.e. rawhide chewies)”. I said “Done, we’re outta here.”

Mom and Dad sold the house in two days to nice people who want it immediately. So we’re moving in less than two weeks. With luck, we’ll see Wendy somewhere on our way down south … but if we don’t see her, I’m giving up … she’s gone … she may have never existed in the first place. Or she did and I loved her dearly, whatever. She’s not here, and that’s all that matters, peeps.

Mom told me to figure out if there were any toys I wanted the movers to move. I said “all of ’em”!!


Then Mom said “No, pick a dozen or so” and I gave her the old-fashioned “Dashie Glare”.


You know what that look means, #amirite? That look means “Two dozen toys or we cancel the move.”

Dad says we cannot back out of a legally binding contract after earnest money has been deposited.

You know what I think of that?


Then I ransacked the toys in a fit of rage. That’s what happens when Wendy is nowhere to be found.


That’s when Mom told me to take a time out. and I obliged.


So we sold our house for at least a thousand bags of kibble. Sounds like a good deal to me. This week I get to stop and smell the roses … and smell the pee-mail … then the following week, we begin our adventure as we head south back to our Arizona home.

P.S.: Mom says there’s no way she’s gonna sit and tolerate 115 degrees a day every day for 10 weeks, so one might theorize that some quality RV time is in the offing …

8 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Congrats on the quick sale of your beautiful house. I can’t imagine you giving it up but know you would make a good decision for yourselves. From the San Juans to the desert; it will be quite a change.
    Dash, keep your paws off of the hot asphalt, drink lots of water and don’t worry,, there are lots of “Wendy’s ” in the world. I’m sure you will make new friends at the dog park.


  2. Yo Dash,

    On the road again, eh? Wethinks that you are probably one of the most well traveled pups of all time. Now it appears that your gonna be putting on MORE miles “RVing” too. Holy smokes!
    But the upside is, now you’ll be covering a wider area trolling for a REAL girlfriend not some will-o-the wisp, nebulous, never to be found apparition. There’s someone out there that’ll appreciate you for whom you are, debonair, sophisticated, worldly, handsome, and may we say, loveable.
    As you begin your new quest for that special one in your life however, you may want to downsize the stash of “toys”. No self respecting pup of the opposite sex would like to see things from your past that could indicate that you’re not up to “Taking Care Of Business” if you know what we mean. So maybe the old truism that “Mother is Always Right” could apply to thinning out the toy box and requesting more “adult” items for whiling away the upcoming adventurous days ahead.

    Happy Trails to you and the folks as a new exciting stage of your lives begins. Always remember this too, “Not All Who Wander, Are Lost”.


  3. I will miss you a lot. I am glad that dad and mom brought you for a BRIEF visit to quilting a couple of weeks ago. We will keep in touch through your blog. Wendy IS out there somewhere. Keep looking. Auntie Janet


  4. So sad you won’t be in “my back yard” any more little brother. Also, I’m with your mom, anything over 75 calls for atomic air conditioning or at least a baby pool in the yard. Hope you can pop in on occasion.


  5. Oh my gosh! Here you go again!! Although we hardly see you, it still feels so far away! I hope you have an easy move…. You all are well practiced by now! All the best to you!!


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