Fake News

Hello! It’s me!


As I reflect upon the past year, I wonder to myself – was Wendy yet another classic example of Fake News? Did the Russians plant her “story” in my timeline so that I’d focus on her and not focus on what is important, on what really matters?

Is that what happened?

Is it the Russians?

I broached the subject with my “community” over the past two weeks.

The answer? A resounding “go find The One Who Is In Charge”, and ask Her. They told me to go find the Grand Home, where I would find The One Who Is In Charge.


If I could only find this individual, this “unifier of all that is honest” and ask Her the question, well, maybe I could put Fake News aside and actually know what the 411 is.

The journey begins by imploring my Dad to visit the Grand Home of “The One Who Is In Charge”.


We stopped along the way to monitor threats.


Eventually we got lost … I asked a lonely Cervidae for directions.


Cervi told me to consider visiting The House in the Meadow … there, I might find The One Who Is In Charge.

Hours later, we arrived at The House in the Meadow.


Someone’s knockin’ at the door …

… somebody’s ringin’ the bell.


Do me a favor … oh never mind, I’ll just go around back and see if I can get in that way.


Looks pretty quiet back here. I better search the grass some more.


Then I got distracted by leafy greens.


And while snacking on tall, leafy greens … it occurred to me that the filthy Cervidae may have been spreading Fake News as well … House in the Meadow … my goodness, how could I have fallen for that one? I mean, searching for The One Who Is In Charge, that makes logical sense … but looking for a House in the Meadow? Stupid, stupid me.

It’s a campaign of disinformation that attacks us from all directions, pups. We have to be vigilant, I’m telling you. Vigilant.



4 thoughts on “Fake News

  1. Yikes! Not only are you looking for Wendy–but now you are looking for “The One Who Is In Charge”. You poor guy—fake news is all around us–but its only purpose is to make us afraid. Don’t fall for it. Wendy is out there somewhere–probably looking for you.
    Wasn’t it nice to scratch your back in REAL grass instead of astroturf? Auntie Janet


  2. Ahhh, searching for those alternative answers. Wendy, like Bambi, may be out there waiting for discovery (or) contriving to confuse and then deny their very existence. What?? I don’t even understand what I said!! Much like the news of the day.


  3. Yo Dash,

    Checking out meadows eh? Just be ever watchful for where you step. Ya never know where a meadow “muffin” may be lurking. Some folks call these deposits “cow pies” but Bears sometime also excrete in meadows, not always in the woods. #amirite

    Here’s to your never ending search for the always elusive “Wendy”. Never give up!


  4. Looks like you had a good weekend. Missed you at the earthdog. I prefer to hunt above ground, so no tunnel for me but the aunties, Elektra & Cedar got another master leg. Hope to see you soon.


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