Oh Wendy!

Hello. It’s me!!


On these freezing cold and clammy days of mid-May, the mind wanders … wanders toward thoughts of dear Wendy. And then, almost as if on schedule, this arrives in the mail.


Oh. M. G.

Here’s what I am supposed to look for.


Now how hard can that be to find, #amirite?

I’m literally bustin’ down doors to get outside and find Wendy. I ask the neighborhood what they’ve heard … here’s our conversation (please visit the website if the video does not emulate via email).

We didn’t get very far with that conversation.

So I asked Dad to take me into town. I looked. I searched. I researched threats.


Just rusted metals, pups.

I freaked out when I thought I saw Wendy.


Ok, not Wendy.

I stealthily monitored another canine.


Not Wendy.

I pondered injuring my back by waltzing down the stairs to see if Wendy awaited at the bottom … but no, not on this day.


On this gloomy, cloudy, damp, dank, clammy mid-May day, my thoughts turned to Wendy … a lovely young lady who only asks me to find her. And find her I will!

4 thoughts on “Oh Wendy!

  1. Yo Dash,

    Did it ever occur to you that patriotic Wendy might actually be a Canadian in sheep’s clothing?
    One can never be too careful during these times. When/if you ever find her, you might want to ask her “Whose on First”? and see if she comes up with the routine. Also see how she pronounces “about” and if an “Eh” gets tossed into the conversation. Hate to rain on your parade (even though it would probably be raining anyway) but just be wary of ANY pooch in disguise.



  2. Somehow being illusive and hard to get has always sparked something in men. The thrill of the hunt????? Good luck Dash! Auntie Janet


  3. Good luck with the Wendy search little bro. BTW if you can get your humans out of bed, we are going to be struttin’ out stuff at the Lynden dog show on Saturday. Ring time is 9:00, ring 3. Hope to see you there.


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