Blazing Hot

Hello. It’s me!!


Pups … the dog days of summer have come early to the Phoenix area. Highs approached 90 degrees today. And with temperatures so darn hot, one has to look for moisture … one must HYDRATE, #amirite? So I don’t care if there’s salty sweat on the end of a quarter-inch nut driver or on a brake caliper, I’m gonna hydrate.


I call it mid-summer, others call it March 8. Either way, these balmy conditions require lots of fun with friends.


Then you get all sweaty and you require a bath. I’m not a fan of taking baths – I’ll be the judge of when my own odor overwhelms our household. But Dad is bigger and stronger than me, so I end up getting dunked in the soapy water-filled tub from time to time. I try to remove the gentle shampoo applied to my body via abrasive contact with Astroturf. If you can’t see the video below via email, please view the video on my site – it’s worth it.


That’s quite a sight.

Yesterday we beat the heat by going to lunch. Dad enjoyed a pork tenderloin sammie – which means that I got a nibble too.


Some afternoons, Dad has to partake in happy hour – I just sit back and wait for the cheese to hit the floor.


When temperatures cool modestly, I like to play tennis.


I know, I’m very, VERY athletic.

Not only am I athletic, but I’m helpful. For instance, a few days ago I found Dad a tax accountant.


But eventually, the heat takes it out of you … it’s time to check out …


… and succumb to a hard-earned nap.


P.S.: To my friends up north … hang in there … 90 degree temps are just three or four months away.

6 thoughts on “Blazing Hot

  1. Sorry to have to say this, but 90 degrees, ninety, nine-oh??????? You can have it. I don’t want it, not ever, not even 3 or 4 months from now. Good rain, nice rain, sweet, balmy 60 degree weather!!!! Thanks for posting, and yummy doggie dreams (y’know what I mean, don’t ya?)


  2. We have a “blazing 37 degrees” today. I like warm–but my definition of warm is nothing past 80 degrees–that is why I live in the Northwest. Glad you like it.
    Tell mom I went back to Blue Apron–arrival dates on Wednesdays. Much better .
    I don’t know about the astroturf—seems so–well–scratchy–but I guess that is the point. Take care
    Auntie Janet


  3. Yo Dash,

    Close to ninety degrees and still playing Tennis, eh?

    In your second from last photo, there appears to be an item on the pillar just behind you that looks to be a cooler and more relaxing kind of activity. Do we surmise that there is a string, hook and ring involved? Maybe Dad & Mom can show you how to improve your score on the “Ring Game”.

    Can’t wait to see up close & personal photos of you showing your prowess at THAT sport 🙂

    Ta-Ta For Now…..


  4. Actually little bro, I would like to skip the 90 degree weather, thank you. It’s way too much and mom gets cranky. You’d think she had a fur coat like us or something. Dad just says she’s a pansy.


  5. Hi Dash – Thanks for the encouraging words about warmer days ahead – though it’ll never reach 90 on island. Let me tell you about my March 8 – boarded the ferry in sunny, clear, cold weather, debarked the ferry in snow, boarded the ferry in sunny, clear, cold weather, debarked the ferry in rain, cloudy, and cold weather. Think I rather have your 90 degree day!!!!! Keep it warm and real and we’ll see you in 10 days!


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