Hello! It’s me.


These mild spring days bring a new threat to the forefront … crickets.

Please visit the website if you cannot see the video below.

I’m not sure how familiar you are with crickets. But if one hops in front of you (as this one did), it’s a sign of extreme good luck (click here), #amirite?

In my case, I was lucky enough to bang my right front paw on his sturdy exoskeleton a couple dozen times until I crushed his head, thorax and abdomen. His spiracles closed, dissuading breath. I carried the cricket around the yard in my mouth, showing off my prize to absolutely nobody. Finally, I consumed the critter – absorbing much-needed protein for my big race on Saturday.

Crickets – they’re not just for breakfast anymore.


5 thoughts on “Crickets

  1. Mom’s retching about now, but cricket sounds lovely for breakfast. Good luck at the race. Rose and I will be at the Seattle Kennel Club dog show, strutting out stuff in the show ring Saturday. Sadly that’s means a bath for me tomorrow. 😦


  2. Welcome to Arizona as crickets used to b a wonderful thing in Wisconsin they r evil here. Good thing u have a puppy who will hunt them down!


  3. A long time ago there was a cat named “Roach”. Mother-in-law did not like the sound of that name so she always called him “cricket”. (roach was small and black–was not named after the pest)


  4. Yo Dash,

    There once was a cricket named ‘Jiminy”
    whose lifelong dream was to fly down to Bimini

    But alas he was stopped, dead in his tracks
    by one hungry mini Dachshund, aptly named Dash

    The pup then noshed on that leaping bit of protein
    now his blond coat will have such a sheen

    So the moral of this story is very plain to see
    if a cricket hops on the patio, it’s either him or me

    Mmmmm Crickets!


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