March 11 Is Gonna Be A Big Day, #amirite?

Hello! It’s me.


Somedays you tear up a stuffed animal … somedays you admire clouds that look like stuffing from a stuffed animal.


Somedays you need a bit of humor – like this one from Grandma.


But the big news happens on March 11!!


That’s right … you can support me in my first big race, and your support helps Greyhounds in Arizona and Happy Tails Doxie Rescue! Here’s a link to all of the excitement.

Let’s put something on the table right now … I have no idea what a race even is! But on the morning of March 11, I’m told that I will be “racing” against other 0-18 month doxies. Dad thinks I’ll just stand there and stare at everybody, and I may well do just that because again, I have no idea what a “race” is. But if I survive the “heat races”, whatever those are, I could earn a coveted championship in the main event.

Regardless, you can click the link above to support Arizona Greyhounds and Happy Tails Doxie Rescue.


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