Coyote Ugly

Hello! It’s me.


Here’s the 411. I need to go to the bathroom at about 3:00am. Dad takes me out the front door. We look to the left, down the street. Three doors down, in the middle of the street, what do we see?

  • Coyote.

Dad and I head to the sidewalk. What do we see?

  • Six Coyotes.

Sure, they all head down the street and disperse through different yards, no less. Threat over.

But not for neighborhood rabbits – where the threat must be endless.

So while I am out there eating rabbit waste (aka “Nature’s Nachos”) at 3:00am, ugly Coyotes are eating nacho providers.


Dad says he’s running time-lapse on the GoPro tonight.

3 thoughts on “Coyote Ugly

  1. Wow! Coyotes and rabbits–bet you didn’t know that herds of wild pigs also roam the streets of Arizona. I know this because I have friends who live in Tuscon. DON’T go out by yourself. Sheesh! Who knew? Auntie Janet


  2. Mom says she hates those ugly coyotes. Lucky for me, Ive never seen one, but she shoots at them with the rifle. They run like the scared little bunnies they are chasing.


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