Big Air Moments

Hello! It’s me.


Yup, that’s me, levitating at my friend’s house this morning. I was achieving “big air” moments as I ran from outside to inside getting ready to terrorize a cat. I’m sure you know the feeling. Everybody has Big Air Moments, #amirite?

Like this one last week.


I was like #omg I found her, my beloved Wendy!!

Then two days later, I saw this …


And I started to think to myself, “What does spicy sriracha chicken have to do with Wendy?” Not much. Not much at all. Seemed like a ploy to pull six bucks out of Dad’s wallet, not a plan to find my friend.

So I moved on.

One is inclined to move on after waking up on a Friday morning and learning that three cars were broken into at your hotel parking lot. Dad goes running over to our car, and I’m like “don’t worry about me, I’m fine, nobody tried to steal me, #blessed”. But Dad was hyper-focused on a nine-year-old car. Oh to stay at a hotel with an apparent blood stain seven feet up a bathroom wall and evening robberies. I’m only giving them two paws.

Last Friday, we spent three hours making the trip through Los Angeles proper – we didn’t get out of the car, mind you, we just sat there and idled for three hours.


Eventually, we arrived here.


We stayed with new friends – family of friends I met last summer in Wisconsin. The whole house had the scent of Vaughn the Wonder Pup – I can tell, because I got to take a swipe at Vaughn’s most coveted prize.


Looking back …


… it was a great event, and a real opportunity to sample the fun down in San Diego County.

Next, we hopped over the mountains to stay with friends from our visit to Wisconsin last summer … my peeps now live south of the Inland Empire. I was ready for fun!


Now, my friends live with a pup named Abby – the two of us celebrated the beginning of 2017 in style.


But then, like all New Year’s celebrations, things got out of hand.


And so here we are now, in Arizona in January. The forecast calls for lots of sun and fun. Lots of Big Air Moments like this one!




4 thoughts on “Big Air Moments

  1. The Boswell family just got back last night after a week in Anaheim. We went to the Griffith Observatory on day. On the way back to Anaheim, we got caught in traffic going through downtown LA. Somebody…okay, it was me! Had to stop for a bio break shortly after. Turns out we were in South Central. Try finding a bathroom in the hood after dark!! Yikes!

    Sounds like you had a great trip!


  2. Ok Dash……that sun, fun and warmer temps is not for me! I am really enjoying of late, laying out on the deck in the 29 degree weather. My Mom can’t understand why I am so enjoying laying out here in below freezing weather. Would someone explain to her that I am a Sheltie and I am a herding dog. Now I just need some sheep to herd and I would be all set. This is my kind of weather…..:-) Obviously, not her’s since she is a transplant from Florida…… Ahhh, not to be in Florida anymore….:-)
    Dash, you enjoy that weather!
    TC’s my name (Taste of Candy or Too Cute)


  3. Well, we had a day of sun shine here too #funinthesun! Nice, dry day, with hardly any breeze at all, #almostbalmy. Even now at 1 AM and about 25 degrees, it’s not bad at all. And the roads are clear. All that’s to say, I’m not jealous yet!


  4. Yo Dash,

    News Flash!!

    Just heard that Wendy’s chain has announced new menu item, “Oscar Meyer Wienerschnitzel”.

    Everyone should DASH right over to their local Wendy’s to partake. #amirite

    Since Oscar Meyer is headquartered in Madison, it seems appropriate to congratulate “Buckey” on the “Cotton Bowl” win yesterday. Now cheer loudly, “Go Pack”!

    Enjoy the next 3 months in sunny AZ. Come over & visit us soon.


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