An Adult Community

Hello! It’s me!!


Coyotes eat birds. I eat bird feathers. The ecosystem works.

Many people ask me, “What is it like to live in an Adult Community in Arizona?” Good question!

I look forward to each and every day – I stand at attention, awaiting our next stop.


But sometimes, my dearest friends and my family gather to watch football. These are glorious moments, as the Gladiators of the Gridiron meet to determine who gets to play again next week. The stress is palpable. And in the early portion of today’s contest, I just wanted safety and comfort after a miserable first quarter.


But then, this happened (click here).

The mood lightened, and my beloved Green Bay Packers went on to thump the Giants 38-13. As the game wound down, I made the rounds, chatting with family and friends about more important issues.

Like here, where I ask “when do you think it will be warm enough to swim in the pool?”


Or seconds later, when I asked “what are the economic and climate change benefits of using a battery-operated golf cart?”


Friends, family, stimulating conversations and a Packers win. An exhausting and pleasurable day here in An Adult Community in Arizona.



3 thoughts on “An Adult Community

  1. Thanks for the Hail Mary link… that was fun to watch… and happy the Packers won! Other than that, well, I guess life goes on, and hopefully it will be warm enough to swim in to pool one day soon.


  2. Dear Dash, I expected to see you slathered up with sunscreen and with a visor on to block out those bad sun rays. Sigh! I guess it isn’t as hot there as you would like. Looking forward to seeing you on that golf cart. Rain here–after 5 glorious sunny but cold ( 24 degrees) weather.
    Auntie Janet


  3. Congrats on the Packers win – this made mom and dad very HAPPY. I see in the pictures everyone is barefoot and wearing shorts – this also must make mom and dad happy. Enjoy the sun and new adventure in the adult community in Arizona.


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