Shasta Isn’t Just A Beverage Anymore

Hello! It’s me!!


No, I didn’t draw the short straw – though I certainly enjoyed gnawing on the one I selected.

Here’s a fun fact. Most of you thoroughly enjoy your daily serving of soft drinks courtesy of the Shasta brand owned by National Beverages, #amirite (Mom says #starbucks).

Well Shasta isn’t just a label for quality beverages anymore. Pssst … come in close here for a secret … Shasta … is a VOLCANO!!

How do I know?

Well, look at this one.


That thing is NUTS!

Check this one out.


It’s got it’s own weather system, complete with a little cap above the summit. There’s like thirty miles of volcanic perspective as you drive around this big boiler. It’s a better way to kill time than chewing on a straw.

We hauled arse today … from Salem, OR to Vacaville, CA. We drove. At first, I thought it might be a good idea to walk to Vacaville.


But Daddy Downer said we were going to drive five hundred miles, which meant that at my pace, I’d arrive on February 1.

Not wanting to delay arrival by a full month, I opted for the car.

Here’s something for you to consider … did you know that people move half-houses on Interstate Highways these days?


Who in their right mind is going to live in a half-a-home? Come on, humans, THINK!

We said goodbye to the Pacific Northwest.


And as we crossed into California (or as L.L. Cool J calls it … “Cali”) …


… the Sun began to overpower the clouds … a strong harbinger for the weather we are seeking.


I shared the images of Mt. Shasta above … blue skies and temperatures in the low 40s. The weather incrementally improves.

We arrived in Vacaville well after dark, right before bedtime. But first, we needed to sup on local cuisine.


Tomorrow if all goes well, we end up in Carmel. I am so hopeful that this is the place where delicious Rolo candies are made.

4 thoughts on “Shasta Isn’t Just A Beverage Anymore

  1. Having driven this route many times, I am thoroughly enjoying your report, Dash. BTW, did you know Mt. Rainier often wears one of those caps too? I think it’s called a “lenticular cloud.” Say, how would you and your mom like to see a world famous collection of African trade beads, and buy leaf and other shaped glass beads at excellent prices???? You can do that right in Carmel (east of the freeway, not in down-town-touristy Carmel)… but you’d have to allow some time for it, er, about 3 hours every time I go there. #beadlust

    This is the place; Picard’s; # C, 27885 Berwick Dr, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93923… Here’s the website: Tell John and Ruth Picard (owners) that I sent ya! It’s been a while, but they’ll probably remember me because both Thom and I have bought a LOT OF BEADS from them over the years.Call first… they close when they go on buying trips.

    Belly rubs and chin scritches!


  2. Hi Dash: I’m in San Diego. It is warm and sunny here too. The perfect antidote to the wind , rain, and dark days in Friday Harbor for the last two months. Enjoy Carmel. Wonderful wind blown trees there at the beach. Judy


  3. We at Cedarcroft pond love Vacaville. That whole area (including Rio Vista) is the celebrated Dachshund mecca of bunnies. Did you know vaca is Spanish for cow? Such a strange name for a bunny infested mecca. Safe travels, little bro.


  4. Phew! 500 miles a day?! That makes my back sore reading about it! That cap on Shasta is an altocumulus lenticularis cloud….yes, aviation gave me a variety of now useless information! Travel safely and enjoy the moments….all of those 500 mile moments! xoxo


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