Happy Hour Mixer

Hello. It’s me!!


I’m the kind of guy who honors both Country and Coastline.

What a curious day. Dad starts us off with a car wash, of all things. Are we driving to Arizona, or are we soaping a vehicle? But we finally hit the road, smelling like automobile antiperspirant. Three hours later, we land in Carmel.

This is where things get curious. Mom and Dad take me to a Happy Hour Mixer of sorts. Sure, they called it “lunch”, but where else but in Carmel (by the Sea) can pups eat lunch with humans?

There were so many friendships to harvest.


That’s Herman. He found me small and intimidating.


Gretchen grumbled about her festive red and green poo bags. Can’t blame her on that one.


Simone whispered to me that it was too hot to wear a sweater. I told Simone that it was too hot to house a full covering of long hair. Simone told me she sported both. I told Simone that she would be in my “thoughts and prayers”.


Boris told me that the restaurant ran out of kibble. I thanked Boris for the head’s up, and then looked down the menu, hoping that maybe the establishment might offer up a full bowl of hot dogs or other suitable replacement.


Haley told me that there are at least fifteen different variations on the spelling of her name, and she told me that one out of every eleven dogs are now named Haley. That sounded like fake news to me.

After the meet-and-greet, it was time to sup. I looked to Dad, ever so hopeful for a bowl of hot dogs. After all, they were on the menu for only $3.50.


And then … as all hope appeared to be lost … the friendly waitstaff at our happy hour brought out a bowl of HOT DOGS!!


#OMG, #amirite?

I wanted to shout my amazing appetizer outcome from the highest rooftops … but many pups were apparently denied a nourishing treat and ran from my bragging ways.


After supping, we drove down the coast via California 1 … ninety miles of twists and turns designed to make any pup queasy. But the sights … oh the sights!


Tonight, we rest in San Simeon … my belly full, my soul overflowing with the mostly warm greeting I received during Happy Hour today! We approach Southern California a trio of Happy Travelers, basking in comfortable temperatures in the mid-60s.


5 thoughts on “Happy Hour Mixer

  1. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! I LOVE these photos of the coast. Makes me want to get in my car and race after you. Glad you got the hot dogs…. (Deprivation kinda makes me depressed.)


  2. Did you see Wendy? The quest is on. What a Christmas present–or maybe New Years present–HOTDOGS!!!!!! Warm weather!!!!! It is raining here and we may have snow on Sunday. Auntie Janet


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