Outrunning It

Hello! It’s me.


Anytime you take a trip, it is worth taking a few minutes to reflect on where you’ve been, and where you are going.

To the naked eye, it is obvious where we’ve been.


Moist, eh?

And to be honest, I don’t know where I am going. I’ve been told we are going to visit the Valley of the Sun.

So today we began our journey. As we prepared to board the ferry, I noticed this abnormally large canine.


A bit blurry, but you get the picture. Could you imagine a human riding me? Me!? It’s back-breaking work, I’ll tell ya that much.

I told ferry staff where to park our vehicle on the vessel.


From there, it was six hours of driving through this.


You can only see so much of “that” before you need some of “this”.


We arrived in Salem, OR … 37 degrees, 40mph winds, raining sideways, intermittent flakes of wet snow peppering the windshield. It’s December in the Pacific Northwest, and we are like fugitives on the lamb, trying to outrun our native weather.

Tomorrow we will probably make it well into California … aka “Cali”as the kids say … and I’m California dreaming on such a winter’s day.


4 thoughts on “Outrunning It

  1. California Dreamin’… Yep, and that’s a good thing, because you left behind one heck of a vicious storm with haaarrrrrd rain and very high winds slamming into my house. Enough to frighten a weather-expereinced adult, I tell you! So good thing you got through the pouring slush and are ready for Cali tomorrow! Hope you’ll have more to see ahead of you. 🙂


  2. Hey TC here……we should be off to Cali and on to Arizona, but my Mom is busy trying to get the damage cleaned up from the tree that came down on our house in last week’s wind storm….. So glad that she had the “experts” out here to assess the damage and take the rest of the tree down. I really liked having them visit because they obviously like dogs and gave me lots of pets….. Mom says, we will have plenty of fire wood, probably for the next five years. I would say I would love to be heading to Arizona with you Dash, but I really like the cold weather since I am a Sheltie. I even go downstairs now to sleep on the tile to stay cool……Crazy huh? Mom says we may head to Arizona or somewhere in that area in the New Year….. Umm, not sure I would like warmer, but maybe drier….. I really don’t like the wet that’s for sure. If I go out Mom washes my feet sometimes in cold water to get the mud off, yuck! Well, Dash have fun and maybe we can get together when you get back….
    No California Dreaming here…….
    TC (Taste of Candy) or Too Cute, depends on the day…..:-)


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