Feeling Blue

Hello. It’s me.


We inch closer and closer to Halloween … my second Halloween. It’s a time when playful children dress up in costumes and beg for treats, things like Mounds Bars, for instance. In my case, Mom & Dad dressed me up as a blueberry … all tricks, no treats.

Mom say when I stop picking at my wound, I can take the cone off. This is my desperate response to her proclamation.


Dad sees the world differently than Mom – he lets me waltz around the house, cone-free. You’d think I would welcome the level of freedom Dad offers. You’d be wrong. He follows me around the house and grounds like the press corps following a Presidential Candidate through the diners and drive-ins of Iowa. It’s exhausting – I’m constantly looking over my shoulder for the next violation of my privacy.


I pine for the days when I could just hang out and chillax. Remember the good ‘ole days, when I could introduce myself to you with a gleeful “HELLO, IT’S ME!!!” Or I could even offer you this dull look … still fulfilling the introduction to every blog post I “write”.


Today, however, this blank look is reserved for Dad, who took me to the vet a week ago and things haven’t been the same since. Thanks. Dad. 7-10 days with a cone couldn’t come to an end soon enough. And if I keep rubbing my undercarriage on gravel, 10-14 days with a cone couldn’t come to an end soon enough.

Thanks. Dad.



4 thoughts on “Feeling Blue

  1. I feel for ya, Dash, although thinking of your blue cone as a royal ruff (rather than a blueberry) might lift your spirits just a bit. A week from now, we’ll be seeing “It’s me” pictures again, and be almost as glad as you for it!


  2. Hi Dash,
    Greetings from Kotor, Montenegro. Happy to have wifi for the first time in awhile. Sorry bout the cone, but you wear it well. Hang in there. It will get better soon. We miss you, mom, and dad. Tell them hi for us.


  3. Actually, blue is your color bro. Not looking forward to that “event” myself, but as a show dog, those judges require the family jewels to be intact. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.
    Love ya,


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