What The %#&? Is Going On?


It’s me.



Pardon me if I’m not in a talkative mood right now.

The day started off like any other, or so I thought. Then Dad takes me for a ride, and ten minutes later, I’m at the vet.

They took my temperature #again …#ow. Is that really necessary?

Dad leaves. Where are you going, Pops? Ok, I guess I’ll hang at the vet with Shelby. She likes me.

I was stuck with a needle.


Feeling … very … scheeeeeeeeeepppppyyyyy.


Hours later … OW OW OW OW.



I look around for help, but my vision is limited by what I am told is called a “cone of shame”.


What the %#&? is going on?


Mom says I was neutered. I’m not sure what that means, but I’ll tell you what … I feel like I was surgically robbed of bodily possessions that made me feel like a MAN.

A MAN doesn’t look like this.


God help me.


9 thoughts on “What The %#&? Is Going On?

  1. Sorry, Dash. I think you will be happier. You might explain to your human parents that you don’t need to wear the cone of shame if only they would take turns around the clock to keep you safe from chewing your sutures. Be strong.


  2. You look like you wish Mom and Dad would point the camera elsewhere. Having had my picture taken right after eye surgery, I can relate. You’ll be fine in a day or two, and soon forget all about the current #owie.


  3. Hi Dash……hope you are feeling much better by today! I had to wear that cone of shame recently since I had to have a tumor taken off of my leg. My Mom had another name for my cone of shame, but I just can’t remember it right now….. Glad that you are probably on the mend by now……
    TC (Taste of Candy)


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