Artistry From My Friend Katie

Hello! It’s me.


If you are like me, and I doubt you are, you are caught up in Olympic fever. This is me after competing in the Puppy Pentathalon. Yes, a gold medal is in my future.

Speaking of Gold, look at what my dear friend Katie put together for me:


If you think that one is a four paw effort, take a look at this one!


Let’s be honest. There are two types of art. There’s art that features me. And there is art that terrifies me.


Amphibians got an attitude, if you ask me.

Summer is progressing, my friends. Make sure you get out and see the sights.



5 thoughts on “Artistry From My Friend Katie

  1. Hi Dash, I love the Prisma app but could you ask your dad which Prisma app?  I’ve looked and there are several and I don’t know which one gives this effect. Thank you Happy Boy. Carol  


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