Hello. It’s me.


It’s August 3 … the dog days of summer, as some call it. I call it “boredom”.

There’s really nothing to do. Here’s my daily diary for August 2.

4:17am: I pace around the bed. Light begins to fill the sky, about an hour later than two months ago. Is this a trend? What do I do if this is a trend? Should I tell Dad about it? No. He’s sleeping. I’ll sleep some more.

8:06am: Dad wakes up, and offers to take me off the bed. I refuse. If I wanted to get up, I’d have gotten up at 4:17am. I’d prefer to sleep some more.

8:08am: Dad. DAD!! Get me off of this bed! Why hast thou forsaken me?

8:11am: I ring the bell next to the front door. Dad opens the door. Dad tells me to go potty. I don’t want to go potty. I go back in the house.

8:13am: Maybe I would like to go potty. I ring the bell.

9:07am: A threat appears at the top of the stairs. I notify the neighborhood.


10:44am: Where are the toys? Why aren’t there any new toys?

10:46am: A Presidential Candidate endures a noteworthy gaffe.

10:48am: After ringing the bell once again, I play with the first object I find.


1:36pm: Dad takes me to town. Rusted metals abound. Threats are frightening, my friends.


1:52pm: Wendy? Wendy?


2:04pm: A Presidential Candidate endures a noteworthy gaffe.

2:06pm: Met an inanimate friend.


2:09pm: Does anybody care about me? Anybody?


2:14pm: Oh, they’re all inside. At the post office. Folks must be studying zip codes. It’s gotta be more fun than what I’m doing.


3:09pm: A Presidential Candidate endures a noteworthy gaffe.

3:23pm: Nap time.

4:07pm: Wake up.

4:11pm: Nap time.

4:18pm: A Presidential Candidate endures a noteworthy gaffe.

4:26pm: Wake up.

4:27pm Nap time.

5:04pm: Wake up.

5:06pm: Pace around Dad’s office.

5:09pm: Nap time.

5:26pm: Potty please.

5:59pm: A Presidential Candidate endures a noteworthy gaffe.

6:02pm: Mom, I’m trapped.


6:03pm: My treasure hunt leads me to the prize:


7:33pm: Sitting on the back deck, I notice a budding thunderhead off in the distance.


8:16pm: String cheese for dinner. Yum!

9:33pm: More sleeping.

10:29pm: Lots of sleeping.

10:47pm: A Presidential Candidate endures a noteworthy gaffe.

12:03am: Potty time.

12:06am: Bed time.

That’s the 411, folks. The anatomy of a day. A dog day … of summer, no less. Sure hope we don’t run into a Sharknado tomorrow … now that would be a threat!

1 thought on “Boredom

  1. Don’t feel like the Lone Stranger, Dash… Some days are just like that. Nothin’ y’ can do about it. What will you do next year when there won’t be noteworthy gaffes or presidential candidates to fill a few moments of your time? Wanna know t’ answer? It’s “be happier… and less bored!”


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