Taking Notes

Hello! It’s me.


I take out pen, pad, and paw and jot down my thoughts about various things.

My friend Katie dealt with this last week.


That’s terrifying stuff. Seconds later, I’m watching the Olympics, and they put one of these things on the TV screen … a Cabybara (not to be confused with a Chupacabra).


Could you imagine getting raked across the face with that front left paw? Though I do admire the little bird … rock on, passer domesticus.

In my never-ending search for Wendy, I jot down notes from pups I meet.


This dude had ice cream on his paws, and did not take offense to the prolonged sampling of said treat.


This pup thought her Mom was sporting an absolutely dandy head ornament.

And then this one … this one told me to honor the signage and leave immediately.


So that’s what I did … I headed out on to the pier to take more notes.


One of the notes I took was to consider saving five million dollars for a fancy yacht.


Here is something interesting, dear friends. There are places where they are literally locking light posts to the ground.


I mean, what has this world come to? Are we really that concerned that somebody is going to carry a twenty-foot tall light post across town?

Here’s what we need to be concerned about … rusted metal.


Speaking of ice cream … if I could get my paws inside the garbage can, I’d ravage the thing!


Do I look thirsty there? You bet I look thirsty. Fortunately, the shoe lady keeps a quart of chlorinated city water in a tin bowl.


When I got home, I compared notes a friendly albeit inanimate object:


At home, Dad told me he purchased a sweatshirt from my favorite Womens Professional Soccer Team … the HOUSTON DASH!!


After reviewing the image, I kinda wish the shoe lady with the water bowl were nearby.

Some of the notes I took.

  • Be it a Chupacabra or Capybara or whatever the thing was in Katie’s yard, you have to be VIGILANT at all times.
  • I get a queasy look on my face when Dad pinches my tummy with his fingers.
  • Where possible, lock down the light poles.
  • There’s room for a small dog and a taxi cab in the same space, regardless of what the signage indicates.
  • Campfires and lawn chairs are like peanut butter and jelly, though I never actually supped on peanut butter & jelly.


2 thoughts on “Taking Notes

  1. So Dash, are you going to the fair later this week? If you do, maybe you’d like to go in the animal barn where they have guinea pigs, much smaller (and less intimidating) relatives of the Capybara. Actually, fierceness and aggressiveness are not characteristic of any of the critters in the guinea pig family, certainly not the little ones at the fair.

    PS I like your notes, especially #4.
    PSS What do you think of spelling? Isn’t aggressiveness a dandy word?


  2. Yo Dash,

    Any ideas on how those metal posts get rusty on the bottom? Could it be that “Low Rider” pooches tinkle on ’em? By the way the Waushara County Fair is this weekend also. You’d love the cows & sows, the lambs & goats, the chicken & ducks, etc., but there’s no “Hedgehogs” AKA Groundhogs like the one your dear friend Katie has to deal with. Now THAT’S scary.

    Peace out!


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