A Day of Rest

Hello! It’s me.


Use the comments to tell our ever-growing audience what you think is going on in the image.

As I rub eye-goobers all over Dad’s office rug, I am reminded of yesterday. It was a Sunday, and that means it was a day of rest at Casa De Guion.





If this were a random Tuesday, I’d be disarming various threats (visit the website if you cannot see the video).

But on a Sunday? You put a lite rock song from Gloria Estefan on the bluetooth speaker … maybe “Can’t Stay Away From You“, and you soak up some sun, dreaming of a chance encounter with Wendy … or of a bowl of vanilla ice cream … or the opportunity to carry a small albeit highly arid twig in your mouth for the final 300 meters of a walk to the mailbox #needwater.

5 thoughts on “A Day of Rest

  1. Awesome. Disemboweling is one of my favorite activities. I even carry it over to some of the dog beds. There’s something special about all that fluffy stuff inside, right? Good job, little bro.


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