Farmer’s Market

Hello. It’s me!


Saturday is the day when produce is brought to the attention of the public. I know, I know, you think you can just waltz down to the local Safeway and purchase greens at your convenience. You’d be wrong.

“Everybody” is out on a Saturday morning in summer. Personally, I like to walk the streets. It’s a cardio-friendly activity, and you never know who you’ll run into.



I think their names were Michael and Ella, or something like that. Doesn’t really matter. They were telling me that they had not seen a single chupacabra all morning. That’s what really matters. Ella mentioned that there was a bowl of fresh water just a block away. Insider tips are a big part of the Saturday morning stroll through town.

Sometimes, you get a discriminatory message that really get under your skin.


Yeah, thanks.

This frisky couple were having a bit of a spat … look at how the one pup blocks the presence of the other pup with an assertive left-paw maneuver.


I’m not one for the single paw gesture. I like to put both front paws on the face of a dog during a meet-and-greet. You’d be surprised how often that move goes sideways.

Even though I could not enter the market, I was told that lettuce, kale, and scooters were in abundance.


I asked my friend Jack how he was doing?


Jack told me to check out the huge Surf & Turf sale – he thought Dad might be willing to purchase some sockeye salmon for lunch.


Some pups stayed away from the market and from the Huge Sale – they just relaxed and did some canine watching.


Up and down the streets we strolled … streets where produce was sold. When we finally got home, I decided to end this poem.


2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market

  1. I ALWAYS enjoy your “hello, it’s me” photos… Well, actually I enjoy everything about your reports!I learn something new every time… like whoever KNEW there were so many canines at the Saturday market!


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