Who Wouldn’t Want A Pony?




Ok, that’s not the right game, but it is more fun when you blurt out an obtuse word than not, right? At least it is for me.

Speaking of food, Dad continued his quest to consume three quarts of French Dressing before heading home. And with time growing short, he wasted no time draining an ample-sized container of Sweet French.


Meanwhile, with Dad away for a day on a work assignment, Mom joined the fray with two credible entries. First, a tasty burger at Mihm’s in Neenah.


And if that wasn’t enough … a day earlier, she enjoyed a fabled dessert beverage in these parts … the GRASSHOPPER!


But the best part of Dad being away for the day is this … PONY TIME!


You may remember that I became enthralled with my beloved Bailey a few days ago. Well, love is fleeting. It’s my perspective based on almost no months of experience, that if you cannot be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with. Today, I was with a mini-horse named Lady.


Dad required me to use the Seinfeld reference to THE PONY REMARK episode (click here) – something about enhancing the comedic impact of the post, but honestly, this is a miniature horse. And I fell IN LOVE with this little beauty (visit the website if you cannot see the video via email).

Did you see how she performed the dance of love, as I call it? My rump vibrating, oscillating, gravitating toward Lady. And Lady, full of class, strolling through her fenced-in environment, desperately hoping for an opportunity to meet-and-greet.

But it was not to be.

Lady was walked back to the barn, and yet another love interest went unfulfilled, vanquished by time and subsequent commitment.


I mourned the loss of another love interest at a local cemetery.


For now, I shall pursue the love of a stick. Sticks will always be there for me, right?

Mom drove the rig to a local quilt shop … I got to test run the air conditioner via propane generator, in anticipation of low-mid 90 degree temperatures over the next two days.


Twice So many times on this trip, I have been given the opportunity to love, and have lost. But each day brings a new adventure. It is entirely possible that I’ll be introduced to a new love interest tomorrow … or … I will encounter the mystical CHUPACABRA!

3 thoughts on “Who Wouldn’t Want A Pony?

  1. Sorry things didn’t work out with Bailey or Lady. I’ve not met a pony yet, but Granny Mitzi actually got to ride one with mom once in Montana. Her name was Lady as well but she was much bigger. Granny Mitzi was forced to get down after she grabbed a mouth full of Lady’s mane and fiercely shook it. Lucky for her, Lady took it all in stride and didn’t buck them off. Bring back some of that French dressing – I’m dying to give it a try.

    Love ya little bro,


  2. Oh My! Mom did not even take you into one of the penultimate quilt shops?! Great adventures continue! Please don’t bring the hot weather back home Dash!


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