Hello. It’s ME!


So busy, pups. So, so busy. No time for updates. Plenty of time for friends, and the new love interest in my life.



So instead of giving you the “business” about how great my life is …


… I thought I might update you with a quiz that reflects some of the big events of the past few days.

Question #1: Is the threat pictured below:

  • (A) Real.
  • (B) Perceived.
  • (C) Rusted Metal.
  • (D) Chupacabra.


The answer is (B), Perceived. No need to fret about Super Heroes, is there?

Ok, next question. Did Grandma give me an entire bottle of soda to consume?

  • (A) Yes.
  • (B) No.


The answer is (B), no, she did not give me an entire bottle of soda to consume. I would have consumed it, to be honest, had it been offered. I played a lot of hide-and-seek with Grandma, and that was big-time fun! And there was this game called “spoons”, which I would have played if my legs were long enough.

Next question. The damage you see depicted here was caused by?

  • (A) A rogue driver crashing into the tree.
  • (B) A Severe Thunderstorm with straight-line winds approaching 60 miles per hour.


The answer is (B) … a brief and somewhat snappy little storm took down a tree at my Aunt & Uncle’s home. Because I was listening to Razor 94.7 with my cousin, I didn’t hear the storm warning.

Next question:  Which of the following meals did Dad enjoy the most.

(A) Culvers Butter Burger.


(B) Broasted Chicken from The Time Out with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt and Cousin!



(C) Lates Perch Sandwich with Grandma & Grandpa.


(D) Home made Northwestern Steak House style Porterhouse with Greek-seasoned noodles with the love of my life.


(E) Pizza Time buffet with Grandma / Grandpa / Aunt / Cousin.


(F) All of the above!

The answer is an easy one … ALL OF THE ABOVE!!

Next question: This sign is famous because.


(A) This is the scene of the crime in the Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer”.

(B) The sign stayed upright during the great Severe Thunderstorm of Sunday night.

The answer is (A), of course.

Next question: The threat I am looking for in this picture is.


(A) Real.

(B) Perceived.

(C) Rusted Metal.

(D) Chupacabra.

The answer is easy. It’s (D), Chupacabra. It is very important to protect Grandma and Grandpa at all costs.

Final question. Which image best depicts the time I spent in Monroe?

(A) This image.


(B) This image.


(C) This image.


The answer is (B) … I was asking the patrons at Baumgartners if they had any Grey Poupon.

I tell you, I’ve had such a good time over the past few days.


We played games and had a campfire.


We even drove past Lambeau Field.


Today, I get to re-visit with Grandma & Grandpa (Mom’s side) … after a fun few days with Grandma & Grandpa (Dad’s side).

But with all beginnings come a sad end … I will end my time with my beloved Bailey.



2 thoughts on “Quiz

  1. What a fantastic summary! Sorry, I’ve been traveling too, with little to zero access to the internet, so I would have failed the test. Thanks for providing the answers, and not making me wait to the very end to find out the answer to each of them. I’m with you, Dash, on “all of the above food choices”… just looking at them (without the fragrance) makes me hungry. Hope to see you soon! xoxo R


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