Hello! It’s me.


A quick update, because things are really busy out here in travel-land.

We motored through Monroe, WI … our former home. I got to see the sights.


Yesterday, we attended a graduation party for my new friend, Josh. I spent ample time mingling with the crowd.


Josh has a fun family! Except for the brief gust front of a dying thunderstorm, a good time was had by all.

For the culinary reader among us, here’s a few snaps from the past few days.

This is a standard ham and cheddar sandwich at Baumgartner’s on the Square in Monroe.


Home made string cheese at Baumgartner’s.


This is the Friday Night Fish Fry (#lakeperch) at Quivey’s Grove.


And the classic Mushroom & Swiss, free courtesy of a coupon from my new friend Rob.


Mom also got to tour a handful of quilt shoppes along the way … welcome to downtown Sun Prairie.


Our tour of Wisconsin, which took us from Northwest Wisconsin to North-Central Wisconsin to Central Wisconsin to South-Central Wisconsin to South-Western Wisconsin to Southern Wisconsin back to South-Central Wisconsin now takes us to Northeast Wisconsin today. Hint – it’s the place where the documentary “Making a Murderer” was filmed.

3 thoughts on “Grazing

  1. Wow! Wisconsin–Land of the Cheese Heads. We have a teacher in the Elem School who is from Wisconsin. Whenever there is a football game, she wears her “Cheesehead” hat. You can tell that the people in Wisconsin have a good sense of humor. I hope your mom and dad don’t buy you one of those silly hats–even though you would look good in it.
    By the way Murphy, Nancy Best’s new puppy came to the Sewcial yesterday–you will love playing with him. Auntie Janet


  2. Ugh, it was so hot here I thought I was going to croke. You are lucky you are enjoying the wilds of Wisconsin. I’d give my canines for a brisk wind and some rain. On the upside, mom and dad took me to my first field trial. Place 5th on Saturday and 4th yesterday. Mom said I either did a pretty good job for a 7 month old newbie, or the rest of the boys is my class were more clueless than I was. She couldn’t tell for sure.

    Later dude,


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