Hello. It’s me.


Yup, that’s me on the floor of a Super 8 Hotel, wondering what went wrong with our vacation?

In the next day or two, I will summarize the fun I’ve been having, and it is a lot of fun of course! But for now, it’s a different topic.

Imagine, if you will, that you are trying to hook up power. 15 amps should do. You connect to a post that has lights on it. When you connect, three things happen.

  1. Two of the three lights on the post burn out.
  2. A slight, disagreeable metallic smell emanates from the rig.
  3. The power cord shows power, the rig shows power, nothing in the rig powers up.


We diagnosed the problem.


Dad pulled out his multimeter. Dad called the RV dealership. And together, Dad and Dealer (aka DAD) figured out that the house-side of the transfer box was fried … voltage going in … no voltage going out.

No more electricity in the rig without a generator.

Hours later, as Mom and Dad wheeled into the Super 8, they decided that it was time to head home.

So one more afternoon of fun today, and then we head west.

Folks, there’s still a lot of adventure to be had. You don’t need electricity to have fun. Ask any person born before 1800 for examples. Mom said something about singing hymns at night. Dad asked the local Ace Hardware rep if they had any whale oil lanterns for sale. So we will be all right. You don’t need a single volt or amp or watt to power a chew toy.


6 thoughts on “Poof

  1. YEOW! Oh, How I sympathize. Nothing is worse than something going wrong with the power. We leave on June 23 and right away need work done on the brakes for our little Chalet pop-up. Sounds like the trip home will be fast—Propane for the fridge??? Or gobs of melting food ( been there–done that–not fun.
    Hang in there Dash–I am sure there are more adventures in store for you ( try to keep dad in a good mood–no naughty stuff. Auntie Janet


  2. Good thinking, Dash… You can still have a lot of fun without power, and certainly you don’t need a single volt to play with a chew toy. Sorry about the fried power system though. Have a fun and safe trip home…. I miss you!


  3. Yo Dash.
    Bummer! At least no burned skin or doggie hair was involved. Since you’ve had such a wonderful trip up ’til now, you can reflect upon those recent days on your way West. Betcha Dad & Mom ‘ll get you back to Friday Harbor a little quicker than previously planned.
    Safe travels & stay in touch.


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