Mountain Climbing!

Hello! It’s Me!


That’s me and one of my fans, from earlier today. You have to understand, people love me, and there is no situation they’d rather interact with me than when I am trying to summit my own personal mountain. In fact, she came up to me and said “Hola perro.” Adorbs!

Aptly named “Mt. Young”, the 630 foot massif was on the agenda for a Friday afternoon clamber.

Aside from lathering myself in tree sap, the climb went as expected. We reached the summit in about a half-hour (that’s 1.8 miles per hour for those of you who are interested).


My view of the surrounding islands was hindered by a leash. Undeterred, I took in the grandeur of the distant Canadian Gulf Islands and the Vancouver Island / Cowichan Valley area.


Do you want to know what the best part of climbing a mountain is?

It’s going downhill!

We surveyed the landscape one last time.


Then Dad called my name.



Do you want to head back down the mountain?


And so off we went – here’s a video of the dramatic descent of Mt. Young, sans sherpa (please visit the website if you cannot see the video via email).

I know, that’s a lotta action for your dollar!

We got home a few minutes ago. I am resting my muscles, awaiting another mountain climb. Could a summit of Mt. Rainier be in my future?



3 thoughts on “Mountain Climbing!

  1. Mt. Rainier? Ha! Get your dad to buy a special backpack so you can have a shoulder-level view on the way UP. Then you can get a ground view on the way DOWN. Nice plan, huh?!


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