Vanquishing Threats With High-Pitched Barking

Hello! It’s me.


These idyllic spring days warrant a lot of monitoring, friends. You never know who or what is going to try to sneak past your line of sight … deer … chupacabra … or a utility worker checking on gas lines.

This is how I deal with threats … please visit the website if you cannot see this via email.

Now, your experiences may differ, but I’ve found that the high-pitched version of the bark tends to vanquish any semblance of danger. You should see how bees fly away from me when they hear me roar!

2 thoughts on “Vanquishing Threats With High-Pitched Barking

  1. So awesome, little bro. If you would like to learn the throaty howling version, come for a visit and I’ll be happy to teach you. You can never have too many barks in our repertoire.



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