Walking, Yes Indeed!

Hello! It’s me.


I am told that this is the most glorious spring in the history of the Pacific Northwest. A spring more resplendent than most summers.

All I know is that I spent the month of March in sunny Arizona, and somehow, I brought comparable weather 1,500 miles north.

Or maybe our planet is tilting toward the sun, causing temps to warm. What do I know? I’m just a puppy.

Dad says that when the weather is nice, we must be outside … walking, touring the countryside.


Sometimes we journey to distant realms.


Sometimes I get crabby.


Our adventures frequently bump up against uncertain circumstances.


But the reward is finding a pot of gold.


Or getting a quick roll in the sand (visit the website if you cannot see the video).

No matter how you slice it, I need a pedometer.

In fact, I am so brainwashed that tonight at 8:30pm, I rang the bell to go outside, and then put one of Dad’s shoes in my mouth … my little way of telling Dad it’s time to go for a sunset walk … a walk I spent the first 79 steps pulling my own leash via my new teeth.

Tonight, I tried to pull a root out of our gravel road. With a dearth of rainfall, my best efforts failed to extract the cedar-based tuber. You have my solemn word that I will not rest until the rootstock has been pulled. Or the leash pulls me from the root.

2 thoughts on “Walking, Yes Indeed!

  1. Dash, so glad you were able to see that rainbow…….and I agree with Robin that it was the most glorious one that I have ever seen. I was just in awe….it was so spectacular from my deck. Dash you will have to remember that one……:-)


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