Waiting On A Friend

Hello! It’s me!!


Maybe this happens to you, too. There’s this magical time of day when a delivery person arrives. He or she brings packages. Food from Blue Apron. Gadgets from Amazon. Envelopes requesting payment on a mortgage. It’s soooooo exciting! Soooooo exciting!

Delivery people love me, let’s be honest, and who can blame them? They politely ignore my incessant howling when they arrive and the front door is wide open and Dad is busy talking to a client on the phone … they calmly waltz over to the front door and shower our household with magic, rubbing my belly in the process.

The internet economy is a thrill-a-minute. I’m just happy I have a front row seat for all of the action.

3 thoughts on “Waiting On A Friend

  1. WTG little bro. At our house they get massively barked at. I think it has something to do with the “pack effect” of the 7 of us. The FedEx guy once asked mom if we barked all the time or if it was just him. She explained that we were equal opportunity barkers and that the UPS man received the same greeting.

    Later Dude,


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