Hello. It’s me.


You’d think my parents and their friends would want to spend every possible minute with a puppy. Right? I won’t always be like this … soft … warm … periodically manic.

But today, Mom had folks over for crafting. I was excluded. Had to lay on the floor, door closed, hanging out with Dad. On a rug populated with a color palette including purple. Let that one sink in for a moment.

Time goes by faster when you sleep, so that’s what I did. I slept. By myself. Alone. Excluded from activities.

You may now play a song by Bread, to enhance the feelings I experienced today.

4 thoughts on “Excluded

  1. Bread! Wow! I hadn’t thought of them for ages… brings back a LOT of memories… mostly car trips… naps? Well I don’t know, maybe good for that as well. You? Let it be known that you are a pup who adjusts well to adversity. Yay you!


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