Kibble And Bits

Hello! It’s me!


There’s nothing like a belly full of food to allow one a good snooze. Unless you are a fussy eater.

I am a fussy eater!

This is how Dad thinks I should sup.


This is how I think I should sup.


I think you’ll agree that a heavily salted ribsteak with buttery mushroom accompaniment outperforms a bowl of bits every day of the week, amirite?

So I have stopped eating my food. No more.

Seriously. I won’t eat dog food anymore.

Sometimes, if necessary, I will digest a Milk Bone dog biscuit (I’d prefer a human biscuit, but no dice on that front). I do love string cheese and chicken, but I’m done with dog food. And Mom & Dad rarely give me table scraps, so it’s kinda hard to find suitable culinary delights these days.

No more dog food.

And I’m certain that you, the loyal reader, do not eat dog food either.

So here’s your chance to “join the conversation”, as the pundits say. What would you like to see me eat? Ribsteak? Dog Food? Or something else?



5 thoughts on “Kibble And Bits

  1. I vote for dog food with occasional special treats of human food–approved by mom and dad. You could get sick and very fat eating people food. Brace yourself for this revelation–you Dash–are a dog. And a very handsome one at that. Auntie Janet


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