Monsoon Time

Hello. It’s me!

It’s been awhile, #amirite?

I’ve spent the past few months losing weight. I’m on a horrific diet of vet-prescribed pellets from h&*$. I’d rather eat particle board than indulge in this stuff. But I’ve lost four pounds during my journey, so I suppose my story is going to turn out ok.

As we end our quarantine period, my activity schedule begins to amp up a bit. On a monthly basis, Alex comes to groom me in her mobile grooming vehicle.


In other news, it got up to 118 degrees for a few days in mid-June. Not as warm as it gets way up north in British Columbia in summer, but still toasty in the Valley of the Sun. Dad checks pavement temperatures to see if we can go for a walk or not.

“Нет” as they say in Russia.

When I can’t walk (which is often), I just cuddle.

A few weeks ago Dad put a skillet in the back yard and attempt to fry an egg using only the heat of the sun. Unfortunately, the egg evaporated faster than the sun cooked it.

We’re heading toward the dog days of summer. Monsoon season!! Thunderstorms. Haboobs!! Excitement is coming. Vaccines are in the arms of some people. Pounds are flying off of my frame. We’re turning the corner, returning to a fun life.

7 thoughts on “Monsoon Time

  1. How wonderful to see you post again Dashie! We thought bout trying the egg fry experiment here in the great PNW when it was 110 on the deck…granted that was in the sun not the shade.

    Tizzy and Walter send their best and said to tell you that you look very svelte 🐾💕🐾

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  2. Wow! Glad your family won’t put you out into the scorching sun. 4 pounds–YIKES!!! Well done smelt canine. I miss seeing you


  3. Bravo, Dash!!! I get it that cardboard pellets do minus nothing for the taste buds, but your results are inspirational. Love the egg in a fry pan on the pavement experiment… thanks for that report! Hey, thanks for reporting!!! Been missing you, and thinking about you, and even talking about you with Susan R. yesterday. Keep cuddling… it’s better than tasty food, don’t ya think? Skritches ‘n’ love to you from me…


  4. Dash, the wonder dog, so good to hear from you. All the excitement of getting out and about and cooking/evaporating eggs is just tooooo much; the heat that is, too much even here in the great NW, though not as bad as BC. Sheesh. Hugs to you and your family


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