Just Waiting on a Friend

Hello. It’s me!


Waiting. That’s what I’m doing these days.

Waiting for Mom’s wrist to heal so that we can do stuff.

Sometimes her wrist hurts, and I feel bad for Mom.


I try to do something to get the time to go by faster.


I get so bored waiting for a normal environment that I just ask Dad if I can sit outside in glorious 80 degree temperatures.


Maybe … just maybe … my best friend will show up!


Therapy-wise, Mom goes twice a week to get her range of motion back in her wrist. Once that returns, she’ll work on restoring strength. She can already grasp a big beverage with my likeness …


Mom and Dad also participate in other forms of therapy …


So that’s the way things are going here during the past month … quite honestly like the Rolling Stones, I’m just waiting on a friend.

4 thoughts on “Just Waiting on a Friend

  1. Yeah Dash, but just think about your mom for a minute. Talk about waiting…. and waiting…. and waiting. You have it soooooo easy compared to her. Just sayin’….
    Still… you are pretty darn cute! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Dash, you might suggest to Mom and Dad that there is the Weirdest Stuff sale in Tucson tomorrow, the next day…now that would occupy one’s mind for a day of vendors with the Weirdest Stuff. Never know. They might even find a something highly unusual that would satisfy the curiosity of even you Dashie. Mom could hold that arm the “waiting” hand is on close just to be safe. hugs.


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