Remain Vigilant

Hello. It’s me!



I know, trouble.

That house with the car in the driveway has been vacant for three months. And now out of nowhere there’s a moving truck there and two cars at times in the driveway and some guy lying on his back assembling something from IKEA or whatever. No matter how you slice it, I’ve gotta keep an eye on the situation. Somebody must remain vigilant, #amirite?

I suppose the day got off on the wrong foot when Dad sampled a playlist on Spotify and this came up.


I don’t trust an album named “Chupacabra”.

Nor should you.

However, the day turned nice when my neighbor Leigan stopped by. You’ll have to visit my website ( to see the video if you are reading via email, but it is worth it to watch my tail sing with joy!

Maybe Leigan could help me monitor the new home owners across the street … at least that way I’d have company if a chupacabra happened to stroll by …

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