A Short RV Trip

Hello. It’s me!!


Mom wanted to do some quilting at a multi-day session, so off to Temecula, California we went for a week of fun.

Dad and I did the “man” thing. He worked, I worked over crunchables, #amirite?


There were times I was left in the RV by myself … those were not times I enjoyed.


For several days, the RV had a problem. Water pressure from the city connection was TOO STRONG … so strong that it blew through the pressure regulator, then blew through the check value in the water pump, and then continually overflowed the fresh water tank. Yeah, that’s not a good thing.

So on Tuesday afternoon Dad told me we were driving toward Escondido to visit Camping World.


Skeptical that we’d have fun, I elected to embark on the mission. After stopping at Camping World, Dad promised to take me down to the ocean. Off to Oceanside / Carlsbad we went.


We parked the RV. I asked Dad if we could head down to the beach? He said YES!!



That’s where we ran into trouble.



Turns out Oceanside and Carlsbad don’t think much of me. So I was relegated to the passenger seat for the duration of our visit, which as it turned out wasn’t very long.


While I enjoyed my trip, I did not enjoy the discrimination I faced along the way. Fortunately, I was welcomed back by Arizona’s warm, dry, loving arms.


6 thoughts on “A Short RV Trip

  1. Somehow you guys seem to have bad RV Karma–sheesh!!! Sorry about the beach thing–some other dogs seem to give the good guys ( yep–you) a bad name. Life is sometimes not fair. Come to Washington State–dogs get to run free at South Beach. Take heart Dash. Auntie Janet


  2. Oh Dash, you are just too cute! Yep, other people, not the dogs ruin it for the good dogs on the beach…… Who wants to step in, you know what, but that’s not the dogs fault? Love all your pictures. Come on back to San Juan Island where dogs are the “king”.


  3. Dash, I would be wary of that mixed message welcome to the beach sign too. Holy Cow. Oh, a cow wasn’t one of the items pictured. I’m just curious about how you figured out where the mean tide line is…did it have big teeth? The whole thing reminds me of children being told to look but not touch. Hopefully, those crunchable itmes were not part of Mom’s quilting project!!! Aha, now that the RV had a little run up to CA you are warmed up to hit the northwest…looing forward to see you in August.


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