Hello! It’s me!


These are the salad days, my friends. Hanging out with Mom while she crafts coverlets, hanging out with Dad while he writes about the topic.


Rumor has it my friend Frank may make an appearance this weekend. That would be some good stuff! And we get our RV back today, and if that happens, an adventure could be on the horizon. That would be better than the smoke I typically see on the horizon, #amirite?




3 thoughts on “Craftin’

  1. What a wonderful dog you are! We even have smoke here on the Island from the fires. So sad!
    Mom’s studio sure looks good. Hope you get to go adventuring soon. Auntie Janet


  2. Yo Dash<

    Ya say that "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes". How's about "Smoke on the Water", "Smokin' in the Boys Room",Holy Smoke, Smoke & Ashes, Smoke & Mirrors, Smoke Rings, Smoke Signals, I Smell Smoke, etcetera, etcetera etcetera.

    How generous of you to offer up your water bowl for the common good. What a "guy" thing to do'



  3. Sorry Dash, but I’m obsessed with your mom’s shimmer quilt in the background… OMG, it’s really beautiful!!! Her sewing table and room look really great too!!! Your dad is becoming quite the cartoonist. Which newspapers are clamoring for him to join the Sunday comics team? Am sure it will happen soon, if it hasn’t already. You, of course, are the star… with looks that could kill… #amirite? Air quality here today was rated at 151, which is classified as “unhealthy.” Seattle was 157. I wish your water bowl would help…. Skritches to you, dear pup!


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