The Dog Days of Summer

Hello! It’s me.


Typically referred to as early July – mid August, the “dog days of summer” are in full force around here. It’s a pattern we’ve grown to know and love.

  • Blast Zone Spell (110-117, not humid).
  • Monsoon Spell (105-109, humid, evening thunderstorms & blowing dust).
  • Repeat.

It led to a conversation with Dad.


With Mom doing so much better following surgery, I’m thinkin’ it’s time for an RV trip once the repairs on the unit are done, #amirite? And if not a trip, a least a jaunt over to the ocean would quench the endless Dog Days of Summer we’re experiencing.

4 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Summer

  1. Yo Dash,

    Mmmmm, sounds like salty crunchers are on the horizon.

    Just don’t drop those chewies on the beach sand. #reallycrunchy

    Aloha Pacific !


  2. Glad your mom is doing better, Dash. Take that RV trip, it will give you new perspective. We just came back from a jaunt to Canada with the new trailer. Your momma, Rose, is now a new Canadian champion, and half sister Amelia came home with 5 points and a boat load of ribbons.


  3. We would recommend the Newport area of Oregon. The temps usually hang in the mid 60s-79s. And, it is not overpopulated like Seaside or Cannon Beach. That’s probably further north than you are considering, but the OR state parks are beautiful! Let me know if you go, and I’ll give you the must do eat spots!


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