Mr. Anderson

Hello! It’s me.


That’s me, hanging out along what Mom calls “The Big Muddy” … the Mississippi River in St. Cloud, MN. That’s where Mom took home a third place prize in the BIG SHOW!


Obviously, we had to cross over into Minnesota to attend.


Then today we spent time in three additional states.


We’re just outside of Lincoln, NE tonight … look who we ended up parked next to?


By the way, zoom in on the right front tire … tell me if you see anything unusual? Methinks we’re stopping at a Ford Dealership tomorrow, #amirite?

But that wasn’t the featured event of the day, not by a long shot.

Do you remember the movie trilogy called “The Matrix”? Neo, better known by some as “Mr. Anderson”, is involved in one of those classic “good guy must save the world from something battles“. Kinda like me with rusted metals.

At times in the series, Mr. Anderson speaks with THE ORACLE, a mysterious character who is occasionally able to predict the future.

Well, Mom told me this morning that we were going on a quest … we were going to go seek wisdom from THE ORACLE.

I said, I’m in … I think.


So we began our quest here.


This was a neutral place where all Native American Tribes could come to quarry stone for ceremonial pipes. After the site was ravaged by folks (#america), the location was protected as a National Monument.

Of course, I’m thinkin’ that we’re gonna quarry ourselves a pipe. But then we start getting clues that tell us what our mission is.


I’m thinking to myself, “is this one of those faith leaps that you take at a corporate event with nine of your co-workers?” I look down.


No, no, it’s a lot more dangerous than what I was thinking about.

We continue.

I’m faced with an uphill climb.


I go halfway up … and then … I turn back.


I seek a path to THE ORACLE, but doors and the opportunities that lie behind them are blocked.


Regardless, I persist in my quest to find THE ORACLE.


“Seek and ye shall find” I’ve been told. But I kept running into dead ends.


I look for a sign … any sign.


But the sign simply leads to cascading waters … refreshing of course, but not quite what I was looking for.


I needed to rest … refresh … regroup.


I prayed for a sign.


My prayers were answered … I got two signs!



And then … my prayers were really, honestly answered.


Now THAT’S a sign!!

I asked Dad to hold me up … and with paws trembling … I looked through the hole. Here is what I saw.


#OMFG (Oh My Furry God) … THE ORACLE was predicting a severe thunderstorm with something that might be a tornado but was much more likely to be scud (aka a “Pannus Cloud”).

We fled for the car, with thunder booming in the distance.


Seconds later, the prophesy of THE ORACLE came true (visit the website to see the video …

THE ORACLE was right!

In much the same way that “Mr. Anderson” was potentially given assistance by THE ORACLE, I was given a vision of the future. The threat wasn’t rusted metals. The threat was severe weather, and we got back into our rig just in the nick of time.

Naturally, I was stunned by what had just happened.


But that’s what happens when you have a little bit of faith … I was blocked at all turns on my quest, but in the end I learned just what I needed to learn.

I learned that, in many ways, I’m a lot like “Mr. Anderson” in The Matrix. Cuter, sure. But a lot like him. Able to see the future. Ready to fight evil. Hungry for knowledge (or treats).

Happy travels, mere mortals. And take the red pill, wait, I mean red dog treat.


6 thoughts on “Mr. Anderson

    • Do you have a smart phone, Anita? If so I can send one. Just email me your number. Or, I can send it to Lunnette. But you probably saw Tori’s winnig quilt at the fair. Remember when the Wool Shed challenge was “mini something” and Tori did a mini quilt?That is the one! The show was awesome, and her 1876 quilt looked great too… It should have won a big prize, except for the fact that the judges seemed to go for glue (or sew) on crystals. Blech!


  1. Yo Dash,

    O.R.A.C.L.E. Eh,
    One Racing Against Cumulus Lightning Explosion.

    Sooo glad y’all escaped the onslaught of THAT threat.

    Onward now to O.M.A.H.A.
    One Most Assuredly Happy Arrival.

    The journey continues……


  2. Congratulations to your Mom!!L your travels are so much fun! Hope you get the tire fixed pronto! I miss seeing him thunderstorms…the iair is always so sulfurous and then, once it passes,, so refreshed me clean!


  3. I totally LOVE this post, Dash… the two signs and the look here sign crack me up, as did the “red pill, er, red dog treat” (Eat yur heart out, Matrix), and the comment by the G’Benzes. Three states in one day/ No wonder the tire complained. Pipestone… I would like to see that some day too… I see a car road trip in the midwest on my bucket list, thanks to your adventures. 🙂


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