Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Hello. It’s me!


So Dad tells me we’re not going anywhere today … we’re gonna relax and Mom’s gonna do some laundry and that’s that.

Ok by me!

Dad sets me up for the afternoon.


From here, I can see EVERYTHING.

If somebody with an existing reservation pulls up, I can bark at ’em.

If somebody is walking their dog, I can bark at ’em.

If somebody is cookin’ up SPAM acquired in Southern Minnesota several weeks ago??


Well then count me IN!!!


It’s this “peaceful, easy feeling” that I enjoy when we take a day off.

Mom did laundry. I frolicked in the park.


Heck, I even got to pose for a picture!


And as usual, I assessed threats.


Methinks they painted over the rusted metals, #amirite?

Mom and Dad strolled up to the Campground Cantina for Pizza Nite, $2 off if you “dine in”, which they happily did. By the way, that’s “Wisconsin Style” crispy thin crust pizza. In fact, almost nobody makes a crispy thin crust pie like this one (out West you just can’t find ’em).


We topped the evening off with a campfire … until the gnats invaded from the river and we were driven inside. Maybe gnats should be classified as a threat? They sure put a damper on the peaceful, easy feeling we were having tonight.


7 thoughts on “Peaceful, Easy Feeling

  1. Oh goodness… now THAT is what I would call a perfect day, topped by one of the biggest RV shades I’ve ever seen, and the best looking crispy-crust pizzas I’ve ever drooled over!!!!!


  2. I have been loving all your posts and truly impressed by your supper club diligence! It looks like you are having a great trip and I hope you have a few more peaceful easy feeling day’s 😘 Oh and that Dash finds another doggie bar!


  3. Yo Dash,

    There’s never been a more lucky Pup ANYWHERE period.

    And then they even give you a day off. What the what?

    Can’t get much better than “laundry day” eh!


  4. I love “in camp days”. I found a really good deterrent for mosquitos and gnats. You won’t believe it. Mix together in proportion–1 part stale cheap beer, 1 part listerine, one part epsom salts. Stir until mixed. Put in a spray bottle. Spray around where you are sitting. Yep! It works.
    I knew you guys would find some good food. I love thin crust pizza. Auntie Janet
    P.S. We leave tomorrow for camping. gone until July 28.


  5. Love your posts!! I could go for some of that pizza, but right now I am stuffed from dinner…..:-) Haven’t had Spam in years, but have some in the emergency supply that I may have to dip into….


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