Hello … it’s me!


Today was a day of oddities. Maybe that is what is supposed to happen when you cannonball across two states and the Republic of Texas.

Take this, for instance … ONIONS!!


The day started off on a bad note … Dad popped his groin (again) adding DEF (diesel exhaust fluid), spraying the rig with a white coating of urea and de-ionized water. Seconds later we were leaving our campground and I was shook to my core by this:


That’s a whole fenced-in area of RUSTED METALS. Zooterkins!

Seconds later, I found refuge, and we launched into our day of oddities.



We drove and drove and drove. And we saw a lot of crazy stuff. I mean, what kind of fopdoodle could be enticed into this?


Speaking of fopdoodles …


Now, I don’t want to be some sort of smellfungus (click here), but what kind of kid is going to eat this?


Especially when they keep advertising this?


We elected to stop in Tucumcari and sup on a picnic lunch. Tucumcari was a town largely abandoned by modern civilization, the kind of town that flyover folks will never see and too few politicians care to truly help.


I demanded a seat at the table.


As mentioned earlier, we next passed through two states and the Republic of Texas.




I thought we’d get to Oklahoma sooner, #amirite?

The winds sent us east at a blistering pace …


Speaking of oddities, we saw this ten-story-tall symbol of our salvation … maybe the guy who ate the 72oz steak needs it more than we do.


After $120 of diesel we landed at our destination … a KOA (Kampgrounds of America) near Elk City. Oh this place had it all … thorns and other assorted nasties in the grass that Mom had to spend a half-hour cutting out of my fur … and the opportunity to violate key rules.


The sun began to set on our odd day.


The staff at the KOA were kind enough to bake us a pizza pie for dinner (nominal fee required), so I offered to pose for an ad campaign of theirs for free.


It was an odd day. I experienced many moods … and I will now demonstrate those moods for you.

Tomorrow we arrive in OKC, about half-way to Wisconsin and more than half-way to our first big stop in the Great State of Iowa. There’s nothing odd about looking forward to our arrival in Iowa, FYI.

5 thoughts on “Oddities

  1. I totally agree with Anita’s comment, and indeed had the same thought the instant I saw the picture. The moods pictures are pretty fun too. Well, a day of oddities, eh? Except for the start (sorry about the darn groin thing), the oddities were quite interesting for a voyeur like me to see… especially the onion truck and the 10 story symbol of salvation dwarfing all the trees in the neighborhood. Thanks to your dad for this post!


  2. Yes, Dash, thank your Dad for the trip down memory lane……mine, traveling across the U.S. from WA to FL and the reverse…… So well remember the 10 story symbol of salvation and the 72 oz. steak signs, (free). You do know that if you can eat it you get it for free……Ummm, Dash I don’t think you can even do that one….:-)


  3. Yo Dash,

    Oddities eh.

    Just wait ’til you get to Iowa where they have actual stores called “Hy Vees”.

    Be sure to stop in Ames where your Mom got her degree 🙂

    Does that make you a “Son of an Iowegian”?



  4. I love your travel logs! Will you be in WI for mom’s birthday? Ask her where to send a card….I held off knowing you were all having a road trip! Enjoy the moments! xo to all


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