Big Chicken

Hello! It’s me.


That’s me – lookin’ at Pops as he says we’re about to go on an adventure. I say “what kind of an adventure?” He says we’re driving north. I say “how far away is north?” and he says “oh, 23 hours” and I say “oh, that’s too far away”, #amirite?

It’s not that I’m chicken to sit in the car for twenty-three straight hours. I’ll do it. I’ll do whatever I’m told to do, ’cause simply put I don’t have control over my life.

So I hunkered down for almost four hours … then we stopped here.


And next thing you know we’re looking for the predecessor of the Chicken.


That thing has ribs stickin’ out … it might want to consider eating a half dozen forests, give or take.

I looked back at Dad and said, “that thing is related to a Chicken?”


I was afraid (some would say ‘chicken’) of having that beast step on me … my rib cage might be injured if that happened.

Dad stopped at Burger King – guess what he ordered? Yup, a grilled ‘chicken’ sandwich.

After sharing a modest amount of the sammie, I threw a fit … tossing toys all over the back seat of the car. But Dad said we had another 199 miles to drive. I hunkered down. And hours later, in the dark, we arrived in Bakersfield. I surveyed my room for threats.


With the only threat being a $15 pet fee, I decided to relax with Dad and enjoy playoff basketball.


Dad has a 6:30am business call … I’m not afraid to get up early and support the family … I’m certainly not chicken either, am I?

1 thought on “Big Chicken

  1. Definitely not a chicken, not at all, especially in the face of that giant forest eater! Glad you are headed north. Your mom had quite a time at the fantastic quilt exhibition she and here quilter buddies staged on Lopez Island. It was great to have her back! See ya soon, y’ big baboon!


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