Finish Line

Hello! It’s me.


Looking back, it’s been a great trip. But today was all about crossing the finish line.

To cross the finish line, we had to hop over the Cascades. And the beautiful thing about the Pacific Northwest (or the awful thing) is that you cannot tell the difference between June 16 and February 16.


We hurtled through suburban Bellevue.


And made our way to Anacortes.


Now, you might remember what Dad ate during his trip. This little beauty comes to mind.


But in Anacortes, meals look something like this.



We hopped on to the ferry to go home. I took instruction from the kind staff who guided our rig on to the ferry.


The worker asked me to take the wheel, and steer us into the left lane on the ferry.


It was a tight squeeze, one that requires more than just relying upon mirrors for guidance.


Once we were securely loaded, we headed to the islands.


After traveling 5,713 miles in 28 days … 2,500 miles out, 1,113 miles in Wisconsin, and 2,100 miles home … I hurried down the hill toward our home.


In my next update, I will leave you with a few key thoughts about what 28 days and 5,713 miles in a tin can feel like. But for now, I need rest after crossing the finish line. So let’s have you do some work. How about leaving a comment and telling me what your favorite moment of my trip was?

7 thoughts on “Finish Line

  1. I looked forward to all the places that you visited. Some I had never heard of before, like in Mitchell, SD at the Corn Palace and meeting and peeing on Cornelius the corn statue. And now you are safe at home, distancing yourself from that monster “the Chapula”……can’t remember how it was spelled or pronounced. But, be on the lookout for “Big Foot”.


  2. Yo Dash!

    Of course OUR favorite time was when WE finally got to meet YOU up close & personal. What a pooch you are. Who knew that at only 7 months you could “sit”, “shake hands”, “turn around” and just about mastered “roll over” too. There weren’t any “accidents” while visiting us in Wautoma and G’Ma has even pardoned you for absconding with her little stuffed lamb.
    “Whose a good boy” !

    Naturally it was great to see Kev & Tor again also. Thanks for bringing ’em along. Needless to say however, a few tears were shed when it came time to say adios.

    Happy trails to you until we meet again.

    Oh! One more thing. Get that land yacht fixed properly before you head to AZ in 2017.
    It seems like the curse of the “Chuparcabra” might actually be the real thing. Bummer!


  3. Well–What can I say? I loved all of your adventuresand especially seeing all the great food–way to go Kevin. My husband is a fan of French Dressing–which no restaurant carries in Washington.
    I also love the way you are always on the lookout for the Chupacabra. Welcome back. Auntie Janet P.S. Rest up–there may be more adventures right in your own home.


  4. Welcome home Totos…..errrrhhhhh….Dash et al! . Favorite adventure? Hard to decide because it was so much fun to follow along on your travels. I always appreciate your wry sense of humor!


  5. Yay, glad you’re back and that you didn’t get eaten by Chupacabra. My favorite part was all the food. Totally tried not to drool on mom’s laptop. Hoping we can hang out soon.

    Later Bro,


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